11 August 2008

Interesting Thing I Found

First of all, sorry I haven't updated. I've moved, had bad internet connections, and are now trying to sell a condo (in this market - bleh), so I've been quite a bit busy.

Anyway, I recently found out from one of my uncles that I am related to Walter Guevara. Why is this funny? Well, I believe I've mentioned before I'm also related to Victor Paz. If you don't see the problem with this you should read their respective Wikipedia articles, which I've linked to their names.

To sum it up, they both founded the MNR. Unfortunately, they both also had different views on which way the party should lean. Guevara was more conservative than his cofounders, so he left to form his own party, the PRA. He even ran against Paz in the 1960 election. After the dictatorship of Hugo Banzer, however, Guevara rejoined the party. Paz and Guevara were even running mates one election year.

My father used to talk about how his mother was estranged from her family for quite awhile. He was born in 1939, a few years before all this political mess came about, so the families were probably quite friendly with one another during this time. When they came to the disagreement, however, I could see how that would have been a problem. Paz was my great uncle on my grandfather's side, and Guevara was somehow related to my grandmother's side, so anywhere where the two connection would have been a bit strained at that point.

This makes me wish I were a few years older so I could have found this out when I had the maturity to appreciate their company. I may have met Victor Paz, but I would have been very young at that point and would not have seen the connection between him and the presidency. Funny how these things work out the way they do.

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