25 January 2008


Have you ever gone to Best Buy and asked if they had any Savia Andina in stock? I can assure you they don’t. More likely than not, the store salesperson will look at you as if you have a second head. This seems to be the situation in all stores around the United States, and anywhere that does not have a direct connection to South America. One time, I asked my friends what they thought of Andean music. They asked me, “Does that involve pan-pipes?” While I don’t blame them for not knowing, I do find it sad that this is not touched on more often in American culture.

There never seems to be enough detailed information provided online for such a diverse and interesting culture, or anywhere in the United States for that matter. It also seems that the general public does not have a very good idea of what it means to be Andean. So I decided to help bridge the gap a little. I do not claim to be the all-knowing source for information; I just wanted to help get the word out.

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